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Once the recall period for the pistols started in the fall of , all transactions were held by a third party, rather than Taurus. A post shared by Meg Phillips meggers on Oct 21, at 9: They are pistols that fire a bullet with each trigger pull, then prepares another discharge right after. At the time, some have estimated the total cost for the company to be somewhere near the 50 million dollar mark.

That is, once the recall is over and everyone, including attorneys, have been paid.

Taurus Spectrum Review: Not Ready for Prime Time

While a settlement is nice and all, not everyone got covered by this. To make matters even worse for them, why would anyone want to buy a gun from a company with a class-action lawsuit and who needs to recall that many Taurus pistols? I know many law enforcement officials who chose Taurus firearms.

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Imagine what they would say if they heard about the settlement Taurus is providing for their faulty firearms. Oh, I know why. Replacement factory or Wolff springs are cheap both to buy and have installed.

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  • Is the model number on it? Looks like an old Model Biggest issue with Taurus revolvers is wild variation in quality control. Many are junk, best off scrapped, especially if timing is off. A buddy of mine has a great one, similar to the photo above.

    Taurus® Revolver | Special +P/ Mag / 9mm Luger /2” 7 RDS Matte Stainless

    Many owners aren't so fortunate. Try logging on to Taurususa. Fixed notch or adjustable rear sight? Ridges on the cylinder fluting?

    I'm reasonably certain it's an 80s series from the s, assuming the grips are original. Quality control was all over the place because the tooling was worn out and the Taurus employees had no experience with it.

    TAURUS pistols

    It's the same thing as what happened a couple of years ago when all the old Marlin lever-action tooling went to Remington with no transfer of employees. I think fixed notch. Can remember I just looked at it.

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    August 13th, , I bought the one in the pic haha. Like I said I love the character of old revolvers. I stopped in to shoot it today while the paperwork does its thing.


    Taurus Class Action

    But once I learned the pistol I got better. But it was a lot of fun to shoot and I look forward to the challenge of getting better with it. It was my first day shooting in a few weeks. I feel so relaxed. All times are GMT In , the pistols were recalled due to a failure of this safety feature.

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    This system differs from most dual-action triggers in that the initial pull is single-action with the double-action coming into play only on a misfire. Most dual-action triggers are double-action on the initial shot, with subsequent shots being single-action. This system allows for two major advantages; one being that the initial trigger pull is light and crisp, therefore more controllable, and the second being that if a round misfires, the trigger can be quickly pulled again in double-action mode, repeating the attempt to fire the recalcitrant round.

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    The later Pro "DS" models and some of the "OSS" pistols sport a de-cocking lever to safely release the striker, even on a live round, thus requiring a double-action pull for the first shot. With a large U.