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These Leslie types are now used with many different organ makes and models including Hammond.

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It was also used to "daisy-chain" early Hammond series 21H, 22H, etc. Leslies together and connect to Hammond-type 6H Leslie models to later self-powered Hammond consoles with series connector kits and five-pin sockets at the console.

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It was mostly unsuccessful, but a number of these cabinets were sold. Series 10 cabinets were originally intended for the H series but later used with Es and some spinet models. These cabinets were produced in various finishes and trim to match specific consoles but are identical internally. They are two-channels in with a third bass channel common to both inputs.

When used with single channel organs, pins 1 and 7 are paralleled.

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Series 10 cabinets do not have reverb or other animation, and are not recommended for early or current model Hammonds. The graphic on the right is from a Danish brochure describing the control panel on the back of the cabinet. If you want to read more about the Series 10 cabinet, click on the graphic.

However, only the ground pin 1 and AC input pins 8 and 9 are consistent in nine-pin Leslie types.

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Other nine-pin Leslies are multi channel and their pin connections and functions differ. Model selected Conn models. Models GK, , , Gulbransen, selected Lowrey theatre models. Models , , , selected Thomas models.

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Models , S, S selected Wurlitzer models. Models , Hammond H and R series, various other two and three channel organs. Model various two and three channel organs but not Hammond. Views 8 Likes Comments Comment. The captain s model guide About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference. Welcome to Trek II Products.

Uncle Harvey's guide to Leslie pin-outs

Using B4 leslie simulation with Hammond M How to hook up to settings but one is set to Leslie , the 2nd is set to Leslie. Find great deals on eBay for Leslie in Musical Organs. I want to connect a Leslie with an old Both are 6 pin. Connecting 2 leslies [Re: If you look at the circuitry provided by a "Leslie Kit," it's actually rather silly how it works.

The G-G outputs on the organ preamp. Tech Tips from Captain Foldback, page 4: The described hook-up is for Leslie cabinets using the 6W or universal input and only for stock US models. De Leslie is een type vrijstaande luidspreker ontworpen voor aansluiting op een elektrische Hammond orgel. Leslie speakers en de lijn van Hammond. The is the most popular Leslie. It was specifically designed for the Hammond organ and is the model most commonly identified. This site lists most of the 'vintage' Hammond Leslie models, Hookup: Same as the except decorator style cabinet: World s leading marketplace.

The Leslie speaker is a combined amplifier and two-way loudspeaker that projects This is particularly problematic for an older Leslie. The captain's model guide About this guide This is a quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant.