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Take this time to look inward and determine what you want for your future. Have a great day, Stef! But I also feel worried about when and how to hit on women as I mostly only meet them in a professional capacity or at law school. Allow the thoughts of these previous relationships to fade. You do not need to develop a relationship with anyone at this time. If you find that your feelings change with time, then make a new decision at that time.

Have a great day, Cody! The one and only girl I ever perused romantically lied to me and led me on for over a year for her own personal gain. Me, believing her and wanting to help her, wanted to do everything I could to help her heal and feel better. She took complete advantage of my feelings for her, used me, took all my money, change jobs, loose said job, had me cut of contact with friends and family.

21 Confessions From People Who Gave Up On Dating

After a year she saw how ragged, depressed and sick I was all the time and admitted to me, by text, that she had made it all up to get back at her ex. She then cut off all contact with me. Been there, done that. I have no recourse. You will not find rejection here. You may find benefit in speaking with someone at a suicide hot line. If you do not want to speak with someone there, then take this time to look inward.

Should I Give Up And Move On: When To Fight For A Relationship And When To Let Go?

This person has harmed you, but you are in charge of your life. There is no benefit in harming yourself. She is outside of your life, so attempt to put her out of your mind anytime that you realize that you are thinking about her. You do not need to establish a relationship with anyone at this time, and you may find benefit is focusing on your mind at this time. Most importantly, treat everyone in your life with kindness and compassion, as this will bring positive influences into your life. If you have no family or friends in your area, then perhaps move to a location where you can enjoy old friendships with people that you can trust.

Have a great day, Danny! I meet and date women, talk for a while, then it ends. Realistically, I think society is a problem. Why are you single? There is just so much pressure in America to date or be married. Maybe I like my freedom? Maybe I like money to myself? Maybe I want toys rather than women? Personally, I like sport cars! You are right, culture changes as the generations change. It is possible for successful relationships to be developed, and people nourish any relationships that they are in.

Have a great day, Jon! This was nothing like his behavior when we dated before where it was like close friends with benefits. His mom died a few years ago and then his 2 Bulldogs.. I asked if he wanted me to go with, but he said he had to go to work straight after, then packed his lunch cooler while he had me gather all my stuff.

He made his friend drive me home, though he was going the opposite way. I texted him hours later to make sure things were ok.

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He saw that message at 6am. Nothing from Friday to Monday when i decided to call him Monday to see if he was ok. Wednesday morning i wake up and go on fb and see the first post from my friends list.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

He told me about you. Days later i was going to show my friends their profiles and found that both of them blocked me, even though i never messaged him nor her. This from the guy who posted stuff about marriage while with me that made it obvious he was thinking about it. The pics even looked like us; not this other chic. And i made a comment earlier that week about never having kids and he got mad for some reason.

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This from a guy who never wanted kids. He does have a son who i got very close with though. I still love them both.

I dated him when his son was a baby, too. What the hell is he doing, and how could he do that to me? He gave me and my mom things of hers and showed me all the sentimental stuff that meaned something to him. After 20 yrs, he was finally opening up to me completely. He even said he was a different person, but sounded hopeless and depressed when he said it. He was so less judgemental than he used to be and more down on himself. Anyway, I made him lunches for work and brought him dinner…just like he was saying he wanted a wife to do if he ever DID get married.

One night we were arguing though, and he called me a feminist, which pissed me off. He also was jealous because of all the guys who reacted to my pic on my profile, so i took it down. Wtf is going on? We were going to get a place together, but he was stressed about having the money for the move and a down payment on a place in time…on top of moving all his moms thousands of knicknacks and finding her dogs a home. This is why i did everything i could to help him…and look how tf he repays me!

I even told him i loved him a few weeks before this happened when I had too much to drink. I quit drinking because of that night, and to help myself of course, but a few days after me going completely sober is when he left and never contacted me again. Relax and be yourself. Mingle and meet people.

Just get to know her, and let her get to know you. I think, perhaps, that your emphasis on dating and relationships could be helped by placing emphasis on friendships and getting feedback from friends on how your approach may be improved. Generally, girls are ready to be kissed when there is trust and affection between themselves and a guy. This takes some effort, cultivating an atmosphere which lends itself to such things.

Before You Give Up On Dating, Read This | HuffPost

A little conversation, finding out what things interest one another, for example, helps to warm things up. You might always be lacking in some aspects of life, but life can still be fulfilling. I have given up on romantic relationships, and I feel fine. Ask New Question Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Is it bad to give up on dating and relationships? Grammarly for Chrome is here to improve your writing on Quora.

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Ask AnnieThing: Guys Keep Saying Awful Things to Me, Should I Just Give Up Dating?

Let me hit some of the hight points: Thank you for your feedback! Updated Oct 8, When did you give up dating? Should I give up on dating right now? At what age should you give up on dating? At what age should I consider giving up dating? Answered Jul 4, Thanks for letting me rant. Single men are giving up on women because they are tired of women thinking that all men are the same.