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So, yeah, he could have helped matters by being more self-aware, and he could have given her a more explicit explanation instead of just broad assurances. If her complaint was along those lines, she'd have a very valid point. Instead, she is convinced he is lying. He directly said that he wasn't upset, and that his preoccupation had nothing to do with her. She chose to believe he was actively lying on both counts. Yes, he could have worked more detail into his responses, but fundamentally her conclusions are all based on the assumption that he is flat-out lying to her face.

That's the core issue, and relative to that, everything else is nit-picking. He can probably stand to work on better anticipating her concerns, but the fundamental lack of trust she exhibits is much, much more serious. I like communicating with my SO about my engineering dilemmas knowing that she has no idea how electricity works or the math behind it.

She's patient enough to listen knowing that I don't expect any type of thought out response. I often wonder how these types of problems are even an issue Like, I tested the conversion function with a million and one test cases, all passed.

I even ran it on a remote terminal and it doesn't even give an output at all. So, because she has no input because his job is difficult, she deserves to not have a real explanation too his odd behavior? Don't know about programming but being in a mathematical field there is one thing I've learned - everyone "wants to know what you do" until you actually try to explain it. Granted the point is that he should just say "it's a problem at work that I can't get my mind off of" but then again this is a joke on the internet.

I sometimes explain issues that I'm facing to my wife. Half the time I figure it out while explaining, the rest of the time I get a deer in the headlights look and she goes back to her book. Yeah, my boyfriend and I have a similar thing. He's into pretty much all things number-related, finance, engineering, programming, etc. While on my end I have a math learning disorder.

He'll start going off on something, and I'll stick with him until numbers start rolling. He usually catches himself and gets back to a train of thought I can keep up with lol. I generally will just offer to make him snacks or whatever if I have nothing else to contribute lol.

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Just don't be like the ones I've dated. They yell at me because I don't tell them enough about my problems and keep it simple, but then yell about me using too much technical jargon. I'm just not getting good results and it's frustrating. I just can't nail down what the specific problem is, but I know it's a topology problem because the mesh is way off. I'm frustrated, though, because that's not a problem I've had with the topology with this CFD package before.

Have you ever tried to explain a code problem to a non-techie? Their eyes glaze over instantaneously and they change the subject as fast as they can. We have been trained not to tell people about our problems. As a girlfriend of an Amazon employ, the glazing over of the eyes is true. I am a Teacher of children ages birth through three years, and have no clue what he is saying.

Although, he has found talking out loud about his problems help him solve them; so, he has started calling me his "ducky". Like a rubber ducky that doesn't give two shits, I sit there wide eyed and say nothing as he explains in small ducky terms what he is doing. I am quite proud to say that, as his ducky, I have helped him with many a code. Yup, its called the rubber duck method of debugging. I've never done it with a live hostage before ;.

Married engineer here, if I'm deep in thought about a code problem I tell my wife briefly about it as soon as she asks.

Why women lose the dating game

She cares enough to want a layman's description of the problem, and talking through my problem slightly can actually help me think of a solution. One of the solutions I've found for fixing stubborn issues is to talk through the problem with somebody else, even if I don't expect that they will have an answer. Explaining your issue and code to someone else will make you think about your code differently and more in-depth sometimes. I can't believe how perfect this is. I had a girlfriend who was addicted to her job nurse and never gave me attention. Thought it was cuz she loved her job.

10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer!

Didn't occur to me she wasn't into me for about 2 years. When it hit me, I got the hell out of there and never looked back! Hahah, exactly the same here! Sent it to him but I can see he's across the room working on code instead of reading it. If you say something like "Work has been kind of stressful lately", all of your problems will be solved.

And who knows, maybe she'll be like "Allow me to help relieve your stress!

The Sydney Morning Herald

And there's nothing wrong with that But either way, it doesn't hurt to just be honest and tell her what's up. It's not the end of the world, there's no reason to hide it. I would have this problem, except my wife is an engineer too so then we both just start figuring out how to fix it together. The best solutions are found in your sleep, and your best work will be when you're well rested.

So, if your stuck, sleep on it.

Being in a relationship with an engineer : funny

Don't stay up until all hours of the morning trying to sort it out. Just go to sleep. My personal is strategy is to analyze the problem with a nice min session of flowcharting and creating a general algorithm that I postulate can solve my problem then I sleep. And then the morning comes. And I sleep some more. And then its night time again and I stay up all night and play on reddit not paying attention to my problems anymore. Funny how that works. This bothers me more than it should. Only as a point of connotation, because when one says engineer, one usually thinks of mechanical engineering.


I mean, there's electrical engineering, but I don't think "computer engineering" is a thing. People just say "programmer", right? Hah, I was sure I'd get some backlash for this. Thanks for the courteous enlightenment, guys. Programmers like to think they're engineers.

If we want a fancy name, we can say we're software developers. My code is broken and I don't know why. I'm worthless because I can't figure this out. All of my friends are gonna hate me and I'll get kicked out of grad school and I'll let everyone down and have to move back in with my parents and then MetalTones will dump me for some pretty bimbo that isn't always depressed. I hate my life and I hate myself! I shouldn't even be here! Maybe I'll feel better after I buy some more dresses. She's staying late at the lab again, guess I'm eating alone. Time for another pizza party!

Guy dating a female engineering student here as well. While I appreciate your gusto and agree with you to some extent it is still pretty tough. I think I have gotten used to it now though.