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She's witty as well as wise, and she brings each pairing to life.

The Final Analysis

As with her book Sun Signs , Linda mainly concentrates on the basic characteristics of each sign, but cautions to bear in mind that everyone has layers that determine individual personalities. The placement of the moon in your astrological chart, as well as where the planets fall in other signs and houses also contributes an influence on your ultimate personality.

For example, you might technically be a Sagittarian, but if your moon lies in Capricorn, you might actually be more grounded and organized than the classic Sag. To sum it up, Goodman may have spoken in generalities, but she wanted people to leave room for personal interpretation in her horoscopes. In her book, Goodman expands on her belief that all souls are on a journey of enlightenment and that they have lessons to learn about love as they pass through each of twelve zodiac signs.

Having read through the book many times I now have a greater understanding of how different signs interact within a love relationship and the different sensitivities involved. I am a Scorpio Horse and sometimes forget to censor my words before they leave my mouth which for my sensitive Cancer Goat husband could be quite alarming! A tremendously comprehensive and fascinating book, I have taken great pleasure in buying more copies as gifts.

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It really has enhanced my understanding and is a real must have. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Suzanne White is an open-hearted professional astrologer and novelist with an intriguing idea to offer -- Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology talking to each other.

For those unfamiliar with the difference, Western astrology uses twelve zodiac signs based on the position of stars on your birthday, whereas Chinese astrology uses a rotating system based on year of birth. In other books, Suzanne predicts horoscopes based on pairing the signs devised that way.

In this book, however, she writes about each system separately, encouraging you to look at your romance and sex from each perspective alternately. Suzanne's writing is of the highest quality -- something not always to be counted on in astrology books by other authors. As a novelist also, she clearly has a flair for character and has a sense of the kinds of people there are in the world and how they react to each other. This makes the book entertaining reading for an author like me.

How useful is The Astrology of Love? Astrology is of course an art, not a science, and so it's only as good as the astrologer who practices it. Suzanne is the best kind of astrologer: It's also good as a Westerner's introduction to Chinese astrology a topic which I don't know as much about as I do about Western and Vedic.

If you want to think about your relationships and romance, then this book is sure to please you, and it's great for starting discussions with friends and family on those topics too. So on the basis of that, and the excellent, clear and friendly writing style, I give Suzanne White five stars. Suzanne White is the Empress of Cinese and Western astrology. This book will help you learn about your significant other or potential significant other. Comprehensive, complete, witty, lively astrological love guide.

Whether you are an astrology "aficionado" or an astrology amateur , you will definetely enjoy reading this guide. Not only is the information very useful, but more specifically ,Suzanne's writing makes you feel like you're discussing astrology face to face over a nice cup of coffee. Definetely unbeatable and hard to find anything nicer in astrology.

Linda Goodman Love Signs - - Understand Linda Goodman Love Signs

Over the years I've read many books about compatibility between the various zodiac signs, but Suzanne hits them all right on the head with this classic. Buy it now - I guarantee you'll never want to put it down.

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You have no idea how many hours I spent looking on the internet and for books for reliable and consistent insight into astrology. I'm only 23, but of course, as a Libra Horse girl, I put a lot of effort into relationships, but I was not quite sure if I should throughout the years--cause no matter how I tried, I could not understand everyone. And so I looked and looked--but four years ago, I ran into Suzanne White's The New Astrology, and all my years of learning about astrology came into place.

Not only does it explain the dynamics of all the signs, but the book is also not without giving good straight-to-the-point advice about more challenging relationships. Suzanne White has so much experience and knows what she's talking about, and because of how useful her work is to me, she is the only writer that I proudly believe. And though the courtship of my Taurus Horse man was originally quite painful, after reading over how to understand our differences, getting him to fawn over me was quite easy!

And it is that simple, so I adore it. This is a must for anyone confused with their current relationship. See all 16 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. I will tell you what "Mangal Dosha" is about, it is about a person who has a dominant mars in the chart, which is not a bad thing. It is called "dosha" when the person you are marrying is having a "soft mars". Take a scenario, where the wife is an aries woman personified, she likes to lead and take charge everywhere.

She is a career woman, a dominatrix but she meets an archetype of Cancer or Pisces man or say she meets a man with Mars in Cancer or Pisces. Will they be compatible, let's not get into too many details. She will be pushing him to climb up the ladder while he will feel "dominated" by her, She will be the aggressor in the relationship. This is just a pointer, and I will tell you y there is this issue. It is because, some qualities have more points while others have less. You can check on individual qualities.

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  • Synastry wise also they are compatible but if you check their "psychological compatibility" - http: Because the boy has the mentality of "Vaishya" and the girl of "Brahmin" which means being a merchant he can do anything for survival while she leans towards morals and principles, knowledge and spirituality. The problem with the Vedic system, it has not been correctly interpreted as most work is in Sanskrit and those who knew this language tried to bring out their own meanings and misleaded the people so that they could use it for various superstitious rituals.

    Half of the Dosha remedies are fake and done for extracting money. So, we have to extract, all the good and verify the irrelevant stuff.

    Vedic Matchmaking/Synastry Method - Lindaland

    Originally posted by mir: We have 26 points. N, here is another interesting Vedic Compatibility method http: I like this one, quite cool. Originally posted by NeptunianAries: Should I explain at what respects you both are compatible and where you both should work? Venus cornering Neptune Registered: Mar posted July 11, Originally posted by NikiVenus6: I am sorry to say, but the traditional vedic system, I mean the explanations, look very discriminative to me: Understandable, looking at it from a historic, political and cultural perspective. But an outdated view. Vedic astrology needs a serious makeover for it to be taken seriously. Indian women should be the first to reject these past concepts.

    Linda Goodman Horoscope

    Originally posted by LeeLoo LeeLo, looking at a system in a narrow perspective also needs to change. And who has said that this is the ultimate system? I have already cleared it that when as woman I have a strong mars I would be "happy" with a man having a strong mars meaning two Manglik people should marry. Nobody is asking for the woman to be submissive and there is no "mistreatment" of women in my culture or country. Kaali is worshipped in India and nobody expects her to be submissive. It is a simple thing, more or less like when a woman is Mars and man is moon.

    If the boy is "Manglik" he is supposed to marry a girl with Mangal or strong mars as well. It is about equal partnerships n not gender bias. Traditionally, it has been thought that this aspect works best when the feminine partner is the Moon person, and the masculine person is the Mars person. This aspect indicates the union of female and male energies. It injects passion and an instinctual attraction to the relationship. It also makes for satisfying sex, as it blends emotional energies with physical passion.